Discussions – where ideas are born

On-line tools are one of the best solutions when one wants to stimulate collaboration and keep everything in one place. AdminProject has a few modules that fulfil that role through comment system. One module, though, is dedicated to information and exchange of ideas. Our discussion module is a place where you can take things up with all project members. Read on to see what it looks like.

Files – functionality and safety

There are plenty of places on-line where you can store your files. Dropbox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive – just to name a few. Why should you store your files in AdminProject? We’ll tell you why. They are safe, accessed and linked with several modules with ease. Say, you are a part of a task that requires several documents or ran a dissemination event and need to upload some photos. Our solutions make it quick and intuitive without the need to resort to … Continued

Gantt chart

We proudly present a new Tool for AdminProject: Gantt chart. It is a well-known method of graphic presentation of a project schedule. AdminProject takes almost everything that indicates work progress in your project and generates visual representation of your Work Packages, tasks, milestones, deliverables and events. It gives you a better overview of what is going on in your project, how long till it needs to be done, when do next activities start and where you should speed up because … Continued

Evaluation – questionnaires made easy

Evaluation is yet another element of literally every EU-funded project. Those who decide to fund our project would like to know if the money is well spent, if all the processes go as planned or if the beneficiaries are happy with the results. Before AdminProject, we had to resort to third-party tools to prepare our evaluation questionnaires. Later they were to be exported and added to whatever platform we were using to collaborate. We have decided to develop a module that … Continued

Timesheets – recording expenses on staff

Timesheets form the second section of AdminProject’s financial module. Previously we were talking about travel reports, now it is time to show you how to log the money spent on people’s work. We have already mentioned how important reporting is for European projects and how strenuous it may be. To cope with that we have simplified the process and make it as user-friendly as possible. See how to generate your timesheets in just a couple of minutes.

Dissemination – module overview

Dissemination is always one of the fundamental elements of every European project. The EU governing bodies would like individuals and organisations concerned be reached efficiently, informed about the progress and its results. Dissemination are actually informational campaigns within the project and a designated module within AdminProject will help you record when they were done, who was the recipient and what was the method used. Here is our short guide to the Dissemination module.

Travel Reports – unique feature overview

There is no shortage of various systems on the market, which fall below the “Project management” header. Some are very expensive, some are free, with lots and lots in the middle. The trouble is, most of them are very generic and probably none of them is actually very good when it comes to managing European projects, which happen to be pretty specific. A very specific aspect of EU Projects is reporting. There is always more than you’d think is enough and … Continued

Work Packages module overview

Every European Project is divided into smaller pieces of work called Work Packages (WP), they sometimes are written as one word. They represent specific blocks of work and each WP needs deliverables or results – an effect or outcome of a particular WP. AdminProject has specific module which allows you to define all your WP “belongings” – like deliverables, milestones and tasks (read about them here) needed to achieve WP goals. Let us guide you through the basics of WPs.

How to use Tasks?

Project design provides a wide scope of what needs to be achieved, when and how. When it comes to actual action, everything can be broken down to simple organic activities that are represented in AdminProject by Tasks. What follows is a simple walkthrough on how to use tasks.