Quick-start guide – Project Setup

You’ve just signed up, have a project to run and probably wondering where to start. Let us give you a few hints on how to transfer your project details to AdminProject and make it ready to launch.

AdminProject 2.0 – What’s new?

It’s now been almost a year since we had launched our first version of AdminProject. Having received lots of feedback from many users and by using it for our company as well, we felt that something was amiss, that we can do better than this.┬áSuch conclusion led us to where we are now, to the new version of AdminProject. What’s new in AdminProject 2.0 then? Long story short – EVERYTHING.

AdminProject is online!

We are proud to let you know that after intensive development works, the new version of AdminProject is online! It was a huge challenge to all of us at Danmar Computers. We’ve learned our lesson by talking to you and taking your invaluable comments and opinions into account. We have to admit, that we couldn’t be in this place where we are today without your help.

30-day trial for starters

Everyone is eligible for a 30-day trial before purchasing a subscription is necessary. With that, you will be able to use application’s full functionality and have access to support if any questions or problems arise. When the trial period is over you can either purchase your subscription or leave your account as it is. The functionality will be of a Standard AP account, which should help you run one or two projects, register all project related personnel and start working … Continued

Manage your Finance

We have just added two new functions to the financial section of your project management. Timesheets allow you to manage your personnel costs, assign them to work packages and monitor their activities.