AdminProject is online!

We are proud to let you know that after intensive development works, the new version of AdminProject is online!

It was a huge challenge to all of us at Danmar Computers. We’ve learned our lesson by talking to you and taking your invaluable comments and opinions into account. We have to admit, that we couldn’t be in this place where we are today without your help. It was truly a very inspiring and constructive time for us. Of course, we won’t let the grass grow under our feet, and we’ll be developing the system even further by introducing new functionalities. We would like you to explore the new version of the AdminProject system, and we’d be delighted to hear your opinions and suggestions for further improvement.

The new version of the AdminProject is even more tailored to European Projects management. Now you have the possibility to create timesheets, travel cards, prepare, track and monitor dissemination activities – all in no time by using your web browser! AdminProject 2.0 is also lighter, easier to use and has advanced functionalities to make your work easier.

Are you ready to be a part of the (R)EVOLUTION in European Projects’ management? Just try and see the improved version of AdminProject – you won’t be dissappointed!

5 Responses to “AdminProject is online!”

  1. Laurent Schwab

    That sounds interesting. What would be the next step?
    Do you have a version in French?
    I am managing a EU funded projet in Algeria, and all the reports, time sheets, etc are in French.

    Best regards


    • AP Team

      Hi Laurent,

      The most frequently used working language in EU projects is English. We have clients from whole Europe but we have never had any request about different language. We would be happy to implement French in the future. For now, there is a way around it – if you need French content, you can type it in inside the system and if you need French titles of the reports, you can easily change them afterwards in the output documents generated by AdminProject as they are editable (Word and/or Excel files).

  2. Ana Maria Solis

    I’m a consultant in sustainability education, gender studies focusing on
    green economy and participatory processes. I work in european projects in several european countries.
    I will very glad to enjoy this platform.
    Best regards.
    Ana Maria Solis

    • AP Team

      Thanks for kind words Ana!
      We are always here to help, please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

  3. Radka Tuneva-Yanchevska

    Congratulations! This is great!

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