Say hello to Project Results!

For most of people, New Year is an opportunity to make new resolutions. We are no exception here! Looking at our Blog, not much has been happening lately, but fortunately that wasn’t the case with AdminProject! During the entire 2021 we managed to roll out over 110 updates, most of which were tiny improvements here and there. We have also introduced some changes that you asked for on our support channel. That said, it is high time for us to … Continued

Mid-year 2019 – a pack of updates

We have been quiet for some time here, but it doesn’t mean nothing was happening behind the scenes! AdminProject is always being updated, in this release we introduce several important changes. We have received a lot of valuable suggestions from you and the most interesting ideas have been implemented. Without further due, let’s see what is new! Inviting multiple users at once It’s not a massive change, but should be useful especially at the time of starting a large project. … Continued

Changes in task notifications

In response to our users, especially those who manage multiple projects, we decided to modify default notification settings. Users reported that having several projects at once results in large amount of notifications sent daily, while those notifications not always are very informative and useful. To address that, our developers added new settings in the profile.   Each setting can be explained as follows: Notify me about progress changes – that means send notification every time any user will move progress … Continued

Erasmus+ 2018 forms in AdminProject proposals

The new 2018 Erasmus+ call has been announced some time ago, but it came with a bit of confusion. Rumour went out that in 2018, submission will be online only, similarly to Horizon. But, while the Erasmus+ Guide has been announced well in time, here we are, at the end of January and nothing is published yet. We all hear is it will be “soon”. Latest updates say that online forms will not be ready for this year for KA2 … Continued

Erasmus+ 2017 forms in AdminProject proposals

The new Erasmus+ call has been announced some time ago, while first PDF forms have been published on the 1st of December. Obviously, there are some changes in the proposals comparing to last year, so our team worked hard over past few days to introduce those changes. As maybe some know already, the proposals part of the AdminProject is completely free to use and anyone can start working on a new proposal. You may ask why should anyone use it? … Continued

Timesheets improvements changed for the better

Timesheets – utilize new adjustments Have a lot of similar timesheet activities to add? Got bored of copying the same things over and over? We have something for you that will help. Your work with timesheets will take less time and effort. From now on AdminProject will remember previous added activity and fill in all necessary fields for you. How to use it? It’s very simple:Click ‘Add a new activity’ button Fill in all fieldsClick ‘Save’ Again click to ‘Add a new activity’ button … Continued

Internet Explorer can’t connect to AdminProject website in some cases

We recently had a few cases of users having problems connecting to, or working with AdminProject. Several users using Internet Explorer saw a TLS error, similar to this below:The error is quite generic and doesn’t say much, even to technical people, but it was quickly established that error is manifesting only when using Internet Explorer, running on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Users which switched to other browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, experienced no further problems. It is pretty … Continued

Copy your surveys easily!

Surveys are used in most EU projectsThere are some of surveys that we all use on a regular basis – for example project meeting evaluation. Having to create the survey from scratch every time is not the most effective. Even if your survey is as simple as a few questions, creating the same set of questions over and over again is not the best way out. We all have better things to do, don’t we.If you’re tired of creating new … Continued

ActivityStream improvements

Where do you start your catch-up on recent activities in your project? For vast majority of AdminProject’s users, ActivityStream is the main source of what others have been doing in the project. Some of you have suggested a few small, yet very handy improvements. Our devs came to the rescue!ActivityStream redesignedTo be fair, we’re unable to say that we have reinvented the ActivityStream. Nor can we say that is a totally new, improved, optimised, brand-new implementation of it. Worries aside … Continued

Files Video Tutorial

We have just uploaded a new video to our Youtube channel. This time we walk you through the features of the second (and for some of our users the first) most important module in Admin Project – the Files module. See what you can do and how to improve collaboration in your projects. If you like the video share it and leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.