To-do list size change

We’ve made a little change to the default settings of the to-do list. So far, everyone who didn’t make any changes to the to-do list size received information about assigned tasks with deadline reaching only 2 weeks into the future. For people who rely solely on their to-do list, it had come as a surprise to be reminded about a big task two weeks before it was due. It could be pretty costly if the task was to book tickets for the next … Continued

Target your discussions!

Hot improvements storm has also reached the Discussions module. Like with the Files module we have done some work in response to your comments. In projects with heated discussions people were receiving hundreds of notification e-mails. That was basically to keep everyone informed on what is happening in the project. Many of you, however wanted to have more control over notifications originating from new discussion posts. Especially when a discussion’s subject does not require your attention or involvement. Now, when starting … Continued

Soft-delete functionality: security & flexibility

Two days ago you had a chance to read a bit on how the Files module changed to make things easier. If you’ve missed that part, check it here. We promised to follow up with more on soft-delete functionality. If you’ve been waiting to see what is it all about, this post will clarify this feature. Ready to get started? Go! Soft-delete – what’s that? Everyone knows and occasionally uses Recycle Bin on a Windows or Mac machine. We all take it … Continued

Files module just got easier!

What’s up, hard working EU-projects managers? As you remember from our latest post on hot new features, we promised to follow up with more detailed explanations on new functionalities. In this post, we’ll try to focus on Files module. As the title suggests, managing files in your project just got easier, and we’re happy to share a few bits of information with you. We’ve received a number of suggestions on how to make Files module more user-friendly. Honestly, we were … Continued

Hot new features available!

New features are just like croissants. It would be good to have them everyday, wouldn’t it? This deep thought can possibly come from non-French Europeans 🙂 Our last post is dated almost one month ago. Honestly, we’re not proud of it at all. We’ve been working days and nights to bring you cool new features to AdminProject. Now is the time to share with you some highlights of what’s been changed. We’re excited to let you know, that we addressed mostly these areas, … Continued

The POODLE vulnerability and AdminProject

It was published on Twitter and Google+ already few days back, that we changed some background mechanisms which are responsible for encrypting everything that goes in or out with AdminProject. The problem was discovered by Google team and published on October 14th on the Security Blog.  Basically here’s what the trouble is: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security mechanism used for years by many pages. Every SSL-enabled page establishes an encrypted tunnel between your browser and the server, so even … Continued

Customising your project workspace

Erasmus+ projects come in diverse forms, as we all know. Some of them have Intellectual Outputs, some don’t. The same applies to Learning / Teaching / Training Activities. The list goes on with various Multiplier Events and others. Moreover, centralised projects are structured differently, since they still use Work Packages. This variety gave us a lot to think on. It was virtually impossible to devise one, good-for-all workspace, that is clear and usable for all type of projects. Instead, a (brilliant) … Continued

Erasmus+ in AdminProject – online!

It is time to start your Erasmus+ project – and we are happy to announce that AdminProject has all what is needed. We were working hard in the last couple of weeks to develop modules which are necessary and specific for the new programme. The biggest changes include: Intellectual Outputs module, together with Activities, Learning, Teaching and Training Activities, Multiplier Events, with Activities as well, standalone Activities, useful in KA1 projects, together with flows. The new set of modules will … Continued

AdminProject is getting ready for Erasmus+ projects

Several newly developed modules for Erasmus+ projects. Erasmus+ applications had been submitted by the end of April and some of them are already being approved for financing by your National Agencies. Because the beginning of September is coming soon, and most of the projects are going to launch right from the first day, we want to be ready. We are currently in the final stages of testing new modules and they will be available for you from the 1st September.  … Continued

Export all timesheets!

There’s been some time since our last post. Mainly because most of the changes and fixes aren’t really much visible to end-users. There is one thought that has surfaced just now and it streamlines the Timesheet export function Before, you had to export the timesheets for each month separately. Now, you can export all timesheets for a given staff member, or only those you need on a single document, with just a few clicks.