A user friendly valuable management tool!

From the beginning the use of AdminProject was a surprisingly pleasant experience. By using AdminProject, I can easily manage all the tasks and keep on track the whole project progress. Moreover, I feel safe that all my files are best… Read more “A user friendly valuable management tool!”

Dimitra Cheloni, Project Manager

Really easy to use

AdminProject is a great platform really easy to use. What I like best is its intuitive usability: it is simple for managing and you can find the information you need very fast. The platform really simplifies the tasks and deadlines… Read more “Really easy to use”

Lora Yoncheva, Marketing and Advertising Specialist
Know and Can Association

The right amount of flexibility

As a Europe-wide evaluation company EEC has to deal with a wide variety of European projects simultaneously, monitoring workflow, assessing output, and appraising impact. Different projects – and project managers – have different partnership structures, approaches and ways of working.… Read more “The right amount of flexibility”

Professor David Oborne, Director
Europe Evaluation Company

It makes your life easier

Admin project was a great discovery, it lets you take the control of the full project. It’s meticulous with all the details that are needed to manage a project during the whole process. The communication between the partners is one… Read more “It makes your life easier”

Fabián Gómez, CEO
FYG Consultores

Everything in one place

Each class is a different project. By having many subjects and groups it is easy to omit something. Before, I had been using a regular notepad but I realized that AdminProject is an excellent tool to have everything in one… Read more “Everything in one place”

Elżbieta Szczygieł, PhD, Associate Professor
Rzeszów School of Business

Simplified and improved management

AdminProject has truly simplified and improved the management of my Projects! I started to use it with one project and soon realize its really friendly features, deciding to extend it to all other projects. I bought it for my own… Read more “Simplified and improved management”

Jose Bronze, Project Manager
Instituto Piaget

Simple and convenient

AdminProject is a very useful tool and I am successfully using it for management and coordination of various EU projects. It makes the work process and communication between partners very simple and convenient. Through using it I am able to… Read more “Simple and convenient”

Rumyana Shalamanova, Chairwoman
Сдружение Знам и Мога

User friendly and cost effective

From 1st January 2013 we begin using Admin Project as our preferred tool for all our project management systems as we feel that our current PMS has become “tired” and past its shelf life. We needed a system that is… Read more “User friendly and cost effective”

Kenny Payne, Director
OAKE Associates

It helps you with all required day-to-day project activities

Great tool to manage projects, especially EU funded projects. With an easy to use GUI, it helps you with all required day-to-day project activities integrated. The automated mailing system helps you easily keep track with your tasks even if you… Read more “It helps you with all required day-to-day project activities”

Prof.univ.dr.ing. Catalin Amza
Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti

AdminProject makes it clear and simple!

Since I got involved in an international collaboration project when it had already started I was worried how I’d manage catching up. However, AdminProject made it so easy – all project documentation in one place and neatly arranged by categories,… Read more “AdminProject makes it clear and simple!”

Ivan Rako
Youth club Split - Croatia

It is really efficient

AdminProject was new to me. I had to learn everything from scratch, but I gained the skills and knowledge really fast. It is really efficient and we can learn from each other. If I upload some materials to a task,… Read more “It is really efficient”

Ruta Pels, Project Manager
Mittetulundusühing MITRA

Definitely worth trying it out!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a PM and collaboration tool so close to my expectations already exists and has an ever increasing user base proving itself as a user-friendly and robust tool which delivers as promised. Even if… Read more “Definitely worth trying it out!”

Mattheos Kakaris, Business Unit Director
CCS Digital Education

Saves a lot of time

I have been using AdminProject for the coordination of several Lifelong Learning and Erasmus + projects and I find the platform very useful and simple. It helps me to keep track of the progress in the accomplishment of tasks and… Read more “Saves a lot of time”

Emil Arnaudov, Project Coordinator

Everything is available in one place

AdminProject is a communication/navigation platform that a project coordinator can only dream about! I am involved in EU Commission and Council of Europe (www.ecml.at) projects since 2003 and have been using various other communication platforms (for example, moodle, wiggio; etc.),… Read more “Everything is available in one place”

Dr Kristin Brogan
ITT, Southwest Ireland

Full control of our project

We, Çukurova University Adana Turkey, have installed AdminProject for the EU Projects and are using the resources heavily. It is very professional and thanks to AdminProject our project life and circle is not difficult anymore because in a click or… Read more “Full control of our project”

Cetin Ilin, Lecturer
Cukurova University - Adana Vocational School of Higher Education

Useful tool to manage and to control

We think that AdminProject is a useful tool to manage and to control the implementation of the different tasks and responsibilities along a project. You can follow, step by step, all what is happening in the development of the project… Read more “Useful tool to manage and to control”

Mónica Moreno
M&M Profuture Training

Only AdminProject fulfils our expectations

We are excited working with AdminProject, and very satisfied with its unique features. There is so many project management software available, but only AdminProject fulfils our expectations in EU-specific environment, and we really tried quite a couple of them. Since… Read more “Only AdminProject fulfils our expectations”

Grzegorz Lisowicz, CEO
Info Projekt IT Sp. z o.o.

A more effective workspace

AdminProject is an intuitive and highly comprehensive online work space where users can interact, discuss and process tasks for a whole range of topics and project work. Having so many features allows users to create an virtual team-room where: completing… Read more “A more effective workspace”

Jonathan Wilson, Erasmus Project Assistant
Sea Teach

AdminProject – the project manager’s best friend!

I’m using AdminProject on two Erasmus+ projects I’m currently coordinating and it’s really helping me a lot! I especially like the way it assists you in generation of dissemination reports, in assigning the tasks and checking their status as well… Read more “AdminProject – the project manager’s best friend!”

Dr. ing. Doru Cantemir
Ludor Engineering

Always updated with new features

Since I am using Admin for managing our TOI projects, the quality of work improved a lot. Simple to use, always updated with new features meeting the new EU requirements, Admin Project simplifies your tasks and deadlines and provides a… Read more “Always updated with new features”

Dario Ferrante
Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”

AdminProject is a great tool

I got to know AdminProject when I got on board of my first European Project. Management is very complex on average and it requires attention to many details. AdminProject is a great tool, helping you to keep in touch with… Read more “AdminProject is a great tool”

Serena Gerboni, International Projects
Cisita Parma

It is simple to set up and manage

We are using this platform for about a year now and we are very pleased. It is simple to set up and manage. It enables us to keep track on work progress and to keep all partners aware of the… Read more “It is simple to set up and manage”

Gonçalo Meireles, Managing Partner
Advancis Business Services Portugal

AdminProject makes research a lot easier

AdminProject is a perfect tool for people who manage many projects at the same time. It lets me properly manage my projects, organise work, plan and coordinate different kinds of actions. It definitely can be used by academics thanks to… Read more “AdminProject makes research a lot easier”

dr Teresa Piecuch, lecturer
Faculty of Management, Rzeszow University of Technology

Efficient tool, good support

AdminProject is an efficient, smart and user-friendly software. It helps to save time and reminds about tasks and deadlines. The value of the system can be seen especially when managing a few projects at the same time. Important is also… Read more “Efficient tool, good support”

Miłosz Kręt, Creative Director
Aku Studio

Everything is in one place

Teachsport has been involved in several European Project, only one using AdminProject.  It has made the co-ordination of the project so much easier, everything is in one place and all partners can see the activity on the project.  We know… Read more “Everything is in one place”

Pauline Hathaway, HR & Office Manager

Ideally suited

AdminProject is the simple one stop shop for all your project management needs. Its intuitive, user friendly interface and simple layout makes it an easy to use and highly effective management tool. It is ideally suited to all types of… Read more “Ideally suited”

Bernie Butler, Projects Design and Coordination
Free Lance Total Systems Engineering

One solution for many project needs

“I had the chance to use AdminProject as online management tool in three EU funded project. I have to say it is so much more than a simple management tool. It is an online solution covering all the aspects that… Read more “One solution for many project needs”

Paolo Montemurro, Director

A real life-saver

AdminProject is a hassle free tool, a real life-saver for a project manager and for the whole project team. The European projects become much easier to manage with this multifunctional platform. It is easy to learn to work with it… Read more “A real life-saver”

Anca Socolovschi, Project Manager

New generation project management

I am working as a project expert for 5 years and I can honestly say that Admin Project is my “right hand”. The platform makes project management really easy and pleasant activity. What I like the most about it is… Read more “New generation project management”

Natalia Shalamanova, Expert programs and projects
Know and Can Association

Everything concerning the project one click away

As a Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we’ve been managing/participating in many projects for years. AdminProject is the tool that made management easier. Sharing good practices, ideas and documents is made easier via the platform and we no longer have… Read more “Everything concerning the project one click away”

Ganka Bakalova
Gabrovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

I would highly recommend AdminProject

We’ve used AdminProject for the implementation of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project and our experience was excellent. Thanks to AdminProject to collect the needed documents and evidences for the reports was simple as one click. It empowered a clear and… Read more “I would highly recommend AdminProject”

Francesco Tarantino, CEO
Institute for Training, Employability and Learning Mobility

It helps me a lot with tasks management

For me, starting to work with AdminProject was a revolution. It has changed my way of managing European projects. It helps me a lot with tasks management within my working group, my organisation and the partnership. I really like to… Read more “It helps me a lot with tasks management”

Nicolò Triacca, Project Manager
Volontariato Torino - Vol.To

Helps to reduce bureaucracy and information noise

Modern management requires advanced tools and techniques. The trend towards computerization of business processes has long been observed and it saves time and money. This principle applies not only to companies but also institutions such as universities, which keep running more and… Read more “Helps to reduce bureaucracy and information noise”

dr Krzysztof Kaszuba, Rector
Rzeszów School of Business

It’s a great tool

We have been using AdminProject in the European funded projects we coordinate since 2012. It’s a great tool to keep track and keep all partners informed of the project’s progress, to keep all project documents up-to-date and accessible, to efficiently… Read more “It’s a great tool”

Gonçalo Meireles, Managing partner

Very user friendly interface

AdminProject is, indeed, a very useful instrument for monitoring and implementing projects and also for planning tasks and follow the progress of tasks! It has a very user friendly interface, it is easy to communicate with entire international team project.I… Read more “Very user friendly interface”

Mihaela Breaz, Executive Director

No need for training

AdminProject is the best tool I know to manage European projects. No need for dropbox, for searching through e-mails, no need for transferring information from the application into your own company’s System. Tasks, deadlines, responsibilities and real progress are always… Read more “No need for training”

Idoia Martinez
Iberika Education Group GmbH

Things can be dealt with very simply

I like AdminProject because it helps the partnership organise its work. The condition is, naturally, that everyone learns to use it properly, and then things can be dealt with very simply. The task setting structure is particularly helpful, as is… Read more “Things can be dealt with very simply”

Maria Kovacs
Consortiul International Lectura si Scrierea pentru Dezvoltarea Gandirii Critice

The best tool for the management of EU projects

AdminProject is the best tool for the management of EU projects. It is clear, efficient and easy to understand. It is the preferred tool for all our project… Read more “The best tool for the management of EU projects”

Silja Teege, Administrator
Sea Teach

Your project under control

I have been using AdminProject for the management of the European project BOSS4SME. Without any doubts, it is an intuitive tool and I did not need any previous training, I could use the tool without any problems. In the project,… Read more “Your project under control”

Julio Rodrigo, Head Innovation Department
CENFIM - Furnishing Cluster and Innovation Hub

My project partners are happy

I am using this platform and all what I can say is professional, strong support is provided hassle free. It makes my life very easy and in a couple of clicks I can have full control of my duties, deadlines and… Read more “My project partners are happy”

Daniel White, Director

AdminProject is the best

We have been involved in many European and UK based projects over 10 years and the AdminProject is the best we have used by far , it is a really user friendly tool so a big thank you to you… Read more “AdminProject is the best”

Ross Walker, Managing Director

Everything is in one place

The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) has been involved in a number of European Projects over the years, and managing the finances and document control has always been a problem. For the Erasmus project we are involved in at the… Read more “Everything is in one place”

Dave Wallis, Membership Director
The British Printing Industries Federation

The best tool I have ever work with

AdminProject is a private, secure space online where partners working on a project can organize and discuss everything they need. For me, a project manager, this is the best tool I have ever work with. All project documents can be… Read more “The best tool I have ever work with”

Magdalena Malinowska, Director
Business and Development Center

Great timesaver, innovative and user-friendly tool!

Admin Project is a fantastic tool for anyone that searches for an effective and efficient management of the project. The fact that it allows you to manage, perform all the communication activities, store all the documents and even provide you… Read more “Great timesaver, innovative and user-friendly tool!”

Aleksandra Staszynska, Project Manager
FyG Consultores

Undoubtedly the best

AdminProject is undoubtedly the best tool for the management and coordination of European Projects. This platform allows the communication and the activities development in a simple and practical way. AdminProject allows direct contact between partners and simplifies your tasks. We… Read more “Undoubtedly the best”

Saida Mateos Villalba, Project Manager
Federación Valenciana de Empresarios de la Construcción

This platform makes a teamwork simple

People and organisations engaged in Erasmus+ programme know that teamwork is one of the key words to a successful project, whereas team means international partnership whose members might not always know each other. This platform makes a teamwork simple –… Read more “This platform makes a teamwork simple”

Lana Radcenko, EU project manager
Biedriba Eurofortis

Covers all the aspects

One year ago I started working on my first European project, and since I didn’t know how they work and how they are arranged, I was a little bit scared about the management and coordination of all the companies involved.… Read more “Covers all the aspects”

Amaia Astobiza Uriarte

Best Project Navigation System

Sailors use navigation systems to sail from one port to another. AdminProject does just that for me in project world. It navigates the project roadmap and informs about important milestones. It analyses all units engaged and shows their progress on… Read more “Best Project Navigation System”

Małgorzata Żydło
Sailor, Personal Coach, Project Coordinator

I would highly recommend AdminProject

I have been using AdminProject for two years and find it a very effective tool for all my project management needs. The platform is user-friendly with its simple layout and makes managing tasks very easy. It allows me to monitor… Read more “I would highly recommend AdminProject”

Wendy Figgins, Project Manager
Sea Teach

It can be easily used for international programmes

In order to be honest, Ι have recently started to use the AdminProject for the implementation of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project. I had heard many good comments for this platform and now that I am using it, I could say… Read more “It can be easily used for international programmes”

Mike Triantafillou, General Manager
Lifelong Learning Institute KAINOTOMIA