We keep expanding our FAQ section. We’ll gladly help you with your questions and issues. Don’t forget to check out our User Guide.

You can reach us via our contact form or Twitter@adminproject


What is AdminProject?

AdminProject is an application designed for project management. It is available as ‘software-as-service’ with your Internet browser. You can find out more by looking at About and Features.

What is your support response time?

We will respond to your support request within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. At the moment we provide support via e-mail and our social media accounts. Telephone support will be available in near future.

What are the requirements for AdminProject?

All you need is a device with internet access and one of the modern browsers installed. We currently support Internet Explorer 9+ and recent releases of Firefox and Chrome. You can use other browsers but we can’t guarantee full and error-free functionality.

How can I obtain AdminProject?

You can gain access to AdminProject by signing up for the service. It is unavailable as software to buy and install.

How can I access free Erasmus+ proposal builder?

There are two ways of doing that. One, you can create a free account via this webpage. Two, someone can invite you to participate in their proposal and your account will be created after you click the activation link in the invitation e-mail.

Is my information safe?

AdminProject runs on multiple machines and information is stored on multiple drives at the same time providing redundancy and high availability of data. Backups are run every 24 hours. Access to AdminProject is encrypted and verified by a certificate issued by GeoTrust Inc.

Should I get any training?

We tried making AdminProject as simple as possible so it wouldn’t require any additional training. If you need guidelines on how to use AdminProject check our User Guide. If that still leaves you with questions contact us and we’ll arrange a short training for you.

I can’t see my project.

Projects may disappear in one of the following cases. (1) You have been removed from the project team; (2) Project owner has finished the project and decided to put it into the archive; (3) The subscription of the project owner has expired and their account has been suspended.

What languages are available?

At the moment AdminProject is only in English. We are looking forward to adding more languages in the future.

Can I use custom branding?

You cannot remove the AdminProject logo at the moment. You can use a custom footer that can be uploaded through Settings  Upload footer link on the right sidebar. It will be scaled down to fit the space provided.

How to prepare a document template?

Create a .docx file using popular office applications like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer. Put all logos and text information in header and footer. Leave the main body of the document empty as this space will be filled with the content from AdminProject.


Where to add milestones/deliverables?

In EU-funded projects they are a part of Work Packages. Links to add milestones and deliverables are on the right sidebar.

How big can the files be?

We limit uploads to 1GB per file.

Who is who in Tasks?

That depends on you. There are three roles for users in tasks. Owner – a person who has created a task. Responsible Person – someone who is performing actions described in the task and they indicate their progress with the slider. Both can link files to the task. Observer – a person who is notified about the task’s progress. Everyone from the project space can comment on the task.

I can’t see tasks I’ve created?

If you’ve created a task and assigned it to someone else, it will be visible when you click Delegated or All

Can I split the effort on a task?

It happens automatically and is split equally among the people responsible for the task. Observers do not count towards the total as they don’t have their progress slider.

What types of files are supported?

Any type of file can be uploaded with the exception of the Gallery folder where the only accepted extension is .jpg.

How to upload a new version of a file?

In Files, go to the folder of your original file and click upload. Make sure the new file has the same name as the old one. The old file will be available through version history button .

How can I share my surveys?

When your survey is ready. Go to Evaluation Manage. Click Publish survey. In Active, find your survey and click show survey link. The generated link can be copied and shared in any way possible (e-mail, facebook, etc.).

What is displayed in Gantt?

Gantt chart displays information about timed activities. Elements of the chart are: Work Packages (they can be expanded and collapsed) Tasks Milestones Deliverables Events

Who can see events added to calendar?

Events in the calendar are visible to all members of the project space.

Who can approve the task?

Tasks are approved (completed) by the owner of the task.

Can I delete photos from a gallery?

You have to enter the gallery in question and find Manage gallery link on the sidebar. It will open the management box. Now, by clicking on thumbnails select photos you want to remove and when you’re done hit the big red Delete selected photos button.

Account and Billing

I have 5 partners in my project, do all of them need to buy AdminProject?

No. Only one partner – usually coordinator, needs to buy AdminProject access. All others needs to be invited to participate, but they don’t pay anything.

How many users I can invite to my project?

To put it simply – as many as you like. There is no limit and all user accounts are added without any extra costs.

Who and how adds new users to the project?

The person who will buy AdminProject access, will become automatically project owner and will have full control over all the parameters, including inviting new users. Owner can designate administrators, they also can invite new users to the project.

I have lost/forgotten my password.

Go to the login page and click on the I can’t get in! link. Then type in your email address and click Let’s go button. It is important to provide the same email address you used to login. You will receive an email with a link which resets your password. Click it and you will be redirected to a profile page where you can set up a new password.

How to get started?

Start by creating your first project. Log into your account on http://ap.adminproject.eu and click Create a new project on the right sidebar. Then put the name for your project and you are ready to start working. Read more in our quick-start guide.

How can I pay for my package?

You need to go to your profile page and select billing tab. There is a link taking you to a Paypal page where you can pay with a credit card and a button that generates bank transfer details.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can. Make a request through our contact form or by sending an e-mail to payments@adminproject.eu.
Please provide all the details you need on the invoice.

My trial period is over. What happens now?

Your account will be changed back to a Free Account. The projects you own will be archived, but you’ll be able to work on projects of other users and create Erasmus+ Proposals. To access your projects subscribe for a regular account by going to Profile Billing. Your account has been suspended and you won’t be able to access your projects. To subscribe for a regular account go to your Profile Billing. Choose your package and payment method and after the payment is processed you’ll be able to access your projects.

What is my current package?

Information about your current package is displayed in Profile Billing section.

Do I lose my data if my account is not renewed?

No you don’t. If your account is not renewed, your projects will switch into read-only mode. You will be given 30-days for renewal and after that period your owner account will be suspended and no one will be able to access your projects. Your data will remain on our servers. You’ll retain the possibility to work with projects of other account owners.

I haven’t received an invitation.

If you are expecting an invitation to a project space but didn’t get any, look for it in your junk/spam folder on your e-mail account.

I accepted an invitation but can’t log in

By inviting you to a project Administrator is creating a new account. ID of the account is the same as the e-mail address of the invitation’s recipient. That is very important if you have several mailboxes or any aliases set on your account (e.g. john.smith@company.com and johnsmith@company.com may lead to the same mailbox but are considered different IDs in AdminProject).