Hot new features available!

Hot new features in AdminProject!

New features are just like croissants. It would be good to have them everyday, wouldn’t it? This deep thought can possibly come from non-French Europeans 🙂

Our last post is dated almost one month ago. Honestly, we’re not proud of it at all. We’ve been working days and nights to bring you cool new features to AdminProject. Now is the time to share with you some highlights of what’s been changed. We’re excited to let you know, that we addressed mostly these areas, that, in your opinion, needed improvements. It’s still the same AdminProject, but even better tailored to the way you work.

Since it would be impossible to update you about all recent changes, we’ll just highlight the major improvements. We’ll also follow up with more detailed explanations and guides within the next week or so. Leaving croissants for a while, please have a look at the parts of AdminProject that have been updated and reworked.

Relaxed files management

We’ve received a number of questions regarding Files module, and most of them considered its usability. Some of you were unable to move a file, rename it, or generally do some tidying-up in the files – especially if you did not have sufficient rights in the system. Normal project users (unlike the Owners and Administrators) were allowed to manage only their own files, which wasn’t the best solution. This got even more complicated when we took versioning mechanisms into account. We just had to do something about it. We decided on the approach of a shared disk, or a “common pendrive” that is shared among all project team members. Everyone now is free to do everything with the files. At the same time we didn’t forget about securing your data. We came up with a solution that deleted elements are stored for another month to make sure that your files are not removed by accident. The feature to restore deleted folders and files is reserved to project Owner and Administrators, but given the flexibility all user have, it should make your work much easier.

Discussion notifications made easier

Some of you pointed out, that there are times, when discussion is directed only to some of project team members. Let’s take a discussion over project finances for example – there is no need to involve more people than those that are dealing with accounting, right? Now you have the ability to direct your message to chosen people, and they will receive e-mail notifications. While the default behaviour of AdminProject is delivers discussion messages to all project team members, this functionality gives you a great opportunity to narrow down the communication channels if needed. Another nice feature is that people in the project can subscribe to or unsubscribe from any discussion, focusing on the things they’re involved in.

Overall usability improvements

Even though we’re tempted to throw at you a list of all things that have changed, we won’t do it in a single post. A blog entry should be a blog entry, not a book. Honestly, only the Files module deserves a few entries to let you know about detailed changes. To close this post, we’ll just (shortly) mention a few more things that were changed:

  • Your dashboard is now divided into three tabs (Current projects, Proposals, Archived projects). If you have more projects, it’s easier to navigate.
  • Files uploaded from a task view are now linked automatically. You won’t have to select them manually.
  • Deeper folder structures can now be managed in an easier way by clicking on the ellipsis link in breadcrumbs (files path), to expand the path and show all parent folders. This option activates automatically if you’re more than three folders deep in the structure.
  • Multi-element operations within Files module were introduced. You can move/delete many files/folders with just one click. Just select as many elements as you like, click move/delete and you’re done. We can’t imagine it wasn’t possible before!
  • Invitation to a new project can be either accepted or rejected just by clicking on a link inside an e-mail. The option to join a new project is still present on you dashboard in a sidebar.
  • Gantt will show Erasmus+ elements if your project has any of them created.

Many other changes were introduced, and we do hope that you’ll like AdminProject even more! Please stay tuned for coming updates describing all changes, and drop us a comment saying what do you think about recent improvements!

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