Winter update has come

January is almost over and we’ve finally got proper winter. Freezing temperatures, decent snowfall and a batch of updates. Winter can’t stop us from improving AdminProject and we have rolled out and several updates and new functions, and numerous minor performance fixes. The biggest change is to comments and discussions. Now you can reply to comments in tasks and to discussions using email, without opening the browser and logging into the AdminProject. Whenever you receive a notification about a new note … Continued

New Year, New Stuff

Second week into the new year brings a few new elements to AdminProject. Most of them are subtle and difficult to notice if you are not diligently looking for pieces that changed. Last month we introduced a meeting planner where you and your project team can figure out the best time for your meetings. Now, in a meeting planner and evaluation module, you can notify interested parties and ask them to respon. Below you can see what does it look like … Continued

Photo Gallery

We have added a gallery feature to AdminProject. We think that it may be useful for documenting project meetings and project related events like dissemination actions or conferences. The main purpose of the feature is to have a viewable photo gallery so we’ve limited upload to jpg files (as this is the most common output format for the majority of digital cameras). Of course, you can still upload other file types to other directories in the Files module. Your photos … Continued