New Year, New Stuff

Second week into the new year brings a few new elements to AdminProject. Most of them are subtle and difficult to notice if you are not diligently looking for pieces that changed.

Last month we introduced a meeting planner where you and your project team can figure out the best time for your meetings. Now, in a meeting planner and evaluation module, you can notify interested parties and ask them to respon. Below you can see what does it look like in a meeting planner. Select people you want to notify and hit save and send button.


In evaluation, you need to go to the section with published surveys. There is a new link on the list next to each survey – Notify users. The list will slide down after you click the link. Select the people you want and click save in the box that will appear after you make any changes.


Whenever a user logs into their account, they will see all invitations on the right sidebar. At the moment notifications for project invitations, meeting planners and evaluation questionnaires are displayed here.


Selecting show will take you to the meeting planner or the survey you have been asked to have a look at and requires your action. Clicking ignore will discard the request and the owner of the planner or the survey will see what your choice was.

When you are supervising tasks of many people it may be difficult to follow. Notification e-mails become too long and to-do list gets so cluttered that it becomes impossible to clearly see which tasks you are responsible for. We have added a switch that will filter out all tasks you are observing and leave only those that need your attention.


Minor change is access to the to-do list. Normally you needed to go to the home screen and find Show my to-do list link on the sidebar. We have added this link to all task views so you can get there with fewer clicks.

In addition to improvements mentioned, we have improved several procedures for exporting documents so that they are smaller and are easier to read.

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