How to upgrade and pay for subscription?

We find 30-day trial sufficient if you only want to tinker with AdminProject project management functions. Unfortunately, three months is not enough to handle a project from kick-off to a final report as most projects last much longer than that. After that period is over, you’ll be given an option to upgrade to one of our regular packages. Here’s a short guide on how to upgrade your account.

November Update

AdminProject is getting new functionalities and fixes all the time. We’ll try to let you know about all the new things that have recently appeared in our project management tool. The new features that may not be instantly visible are: file attachments in Discussions subcontracting and other costs in Finances timesheet activities/workload summary Meeting Planner

Calendar – events, milestones and deliverables

In case you were wondering what capabilities lie in our Calendar, here’s the note on what’s there. It is at the moment used to plan events and display them on a calendar grid. Click¬†‘Add a new event’ on the right sidebar and fill in the name of the event, description. Select dates using the date-picker bubble.