Changes in task notifications

In response to our users, especially those who manage multiple projects, we decided to modify default notification settings. Users reported that having several projects at once results in large amount of notifications sent daily, while those notifications not always are very informative and useful.

To address that, our developers added new settings in the profile.


Each setting can be explained as follows:

Notify me about progress changes – that means send notification every time any user will move progress indicator. These are the e-mails saying only “Progress changed: X% ┬╗ Y%”.

Notify me about people responsible changes – if user is added or removed from particular task, send out info about it. This setting does not concern new people who are added to a task, as they will be notified anyway. The e-mails saying “People responsible changed” are the ones this setting has effect on.

Notify me about parent element changes – each task can be linked to Intellectual Output and if changed, that would also result in notification being sent.

Now, after long and difficult (but bloodless) discussions in the office, we decided to set defaults to OFF with all three new settings (as shown on the screenshot). To wrap up, from now on you will be notified only about most important task changes, you can change it at any time.

We hope this change will make you experience with AdminProject a more smooth one. If you have any problems or suggestions, they are always welcome!

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