November Update

AdminProject is getting new functionalities and fixes all the time. We’ll try to let you know about all the new things that have recently appeared in our project management tool.

The new features that may not be instantly visible are:

  • file attachments in Discussions
  • subcontracting and other costs in Finances
  • timesheet activities/workload summary
  • Meeting Planner

Attachments in Discussions


So far, you could only add images to your posts. Now you can also attach files. It works in exactly the same way as files in Tasks or Dissemination modules. Upload a file and link it to your post using a collapsible list below.

Subcontracting / Other costs

These are the two new additions to the Finances module. They give you another way to record and calculate your project costs. They work in a very similar way to Timesheets and Travel reports.


All costs, both subcontracting and other, have a partner assigned and can be as detailed as the situation demands. The export action generates a document based on your template with all costs of a single partner. Click print/export, select the partner and a file should be ready for you to download and print.

Workload summary

Timesheets have a new option to summarise your workload across all projects. Link to the summary is in the Actions menu. It will display all months with a timesheet and show how much time do all activities take in a given month. You can expand each month to see a breakdown of activities per project. Read more about timesheets in our guide.


Meeting Planner

New tool that helps in gathering information on availability of your partners and personnel. Everyone can mark dates that are good for them and you can choose those least conflicting. More information on the meeting planer will be available in one of our future posts.



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