Welcome to our Guides section. Here you can learn how to perform various actions in AdminProject. Take your time to look through those guides and keep an eye out for new ones. They will keep appearing as we introduce new functions to AdminProject. If you have questions visit our FAQ and if that didn't help contact us directly using the contact form.

  1. Quick-start guide – Project Setup
  2. How to use Tasks?
  3. Work Packages module overview
  4. Travel Reports – unique feature overview
  5. Dissemination – module overview
  6. Timesheets – recording expenses on staff
  7. Evaluation – questionnaires made easy
  8. User Profile and Notifications
  9. Gantt chart
  10. Files – functionality and safety
  11. Discussions – where ideas are born
  12. Calendar – events, milestones and deliverables
  13. How to upgrade and pay for subscription?
  14. Meeting Planner
  15. Photo Gallery
  16. Email Replies
  17. Free Erasmus+ proposal builder tool
  18. Sign in with social network accounts
  19. Customising your project workspace
  20. Collaboration in AdminProject – Part 1