Meeting Planner

Making arrangements for each project meeting can be an arduous task. Having to include all your partners’ schedules and plans, trying to squeeze the meeting right after the completion of a work package. Debates on dates can often take a lot of time. We have developed a neat little tool to help you see what dates are most feasible for all invited participants.

Meeting planner is located in Tools. There, you can view all planned meetings. To plan a new meeting look for a link on the right sidebar. The first step is to select a pool of possible dates when the meeting could happen.


Date selection is done by clicking the days you want to include. Click on the names of people you would like to notify about the planned meeting and ask them to give their suitable dates. Add a name for the event and hit Save and share.


The first stage is complete. Now everyone in the project can access the planner and click fill-in next to a chosen event. They will be taken to a screen with all possible dates chosen by you. Clicking on a day will change its colour into green, which indicates that this is a good day for a meeting.

Meeting_planner3Once everyone responds (or at any time before that) you can check what days are conflicting with peoples’ plans and which are good for the meeting. Users can make alterations in their choice of days available for the meeting in the case of change in plans. In the example below, only one day is suitable for both people participating in the meeting. From here, click add an event, fill in the details and consider your meeting planned.



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