Email Replies


To make work with AdminProject even more convenient, we have introduced a possibility of replying to messages in tasks and discussions using nothing more but your email client. Be it from a standard, web based or mobile client. Here is a brief guide to email replies.

The e-mail message has been reworked as well. We dropped the idea of formatted, table-laden messages to a clean free flowing formatted text.

All message notifications now contain an additional line:


*** Please reply ABOVE this line to add your message to AdminProject ***


If you want to participate in a discussion, or leave precious comments under a task, just hit reply. Look for this line in your email, everything above will be inserted into AP as the next comment or next message in the discussion. Everything below this line will be ignored.

After you click send, your messages will be automatically added to the proper task or discussion.

We hope these changes will make your life easier, especially if you want to work from your phone or tablet.

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