Customising your project workspace

Erasmus+ projects come in diverse forms, as we all know. Some of them have Intellectual Outputs, some don’t. The same applies to Learning / Teaching / Training Activities. The list goes on with various Multiplier Events and others. Moreover, centralised projects are structured differently, since they still use Work Packages.

This variety gave us a lot to think on. It was virtually impossible to devise one, good-for-all workspace, that is clear and usable for all type of projects. Instead, a (brilliant) workspace template scheme was developed, which allows for customisation of projects.

Even though project workspace customisation functionality was developed to address the variety of Erasmus+ calls, it is available to all project owners.

While creating new project, you need to select a type of the project, which also automatically selects predefined set of modules, which should be useful for your project.


Customize-project02However, depending how you work with AdminProject, these settings can be changed at any time according to your preferences.

Just go to your Settings and choose Customise Project.

You will be presented with a number of options, grouped into two tabs (General and Available modules). First tab allows you to switch various modules on or off, which are relevant mostly to Erasmus+ projects, while second tab allows to turn off entire sections – that you might not want or don’t need. For example if you have different means of managing evaluation within your project, you can turn it off entirely.


We hope this customisation will allow you to have cleaner and easier to use workspace, which will also put less strain on your browser – and computer. There will be more customisations available in the coming updates of AdminProject – please let us know in the comments section below if you’d like to find some aspects of your project to be customisable.


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