Erasmus+ 2018 forms in AdminProject proposals

The new 2018 Erasmus+ call has been announced some time ago, but it came with a bit of confusion. Rumour went out that in 2018, submission will be online only, similarly to Horizon. But, while the Erasmus+ Guide has been announced well in time, here we are, at the end of January and nothing is published yet. We all hear is it will be “soon”. Latest updates say that online forms will not be ready for this year for KA2 proposals. They are being tested right now in KA1, while KA2 will use the well-known active PDF forms.

In the meantime however, some sample, non-editable forms have been made available from European Commission, showing what changes have been made.

Our team has analysed the forms and made the Proposal Builder compatible with this year’s call. Please note that while the current proposals are subject to changes once the official PDF forms are released, it is expected that they will be in line to a great extent with the drafts we had our eyes on.


As always, the proposals part of the AdminProject is completely free to use and anyone can start working on a new proposal.

In contrast to PDF files, AdminProject gives you option to collaborate with your partners, even work together on the same proposal, at the same time. No risk of deletion, since every version is saved and you can revert to it at any time you need. 

Apart from that, proposal editing allows forum-like discussions and exchange of any necessary files.

Everything is kept in secure environment, where person starting the proposal has a complete control of who can see the its contents.

When you finish writing the proposal, you can export it to a Word file, allowing for easy copying and pasting into the PDF. Unfortunately there is no way to export proposal straight to the PDF – since it is secured.

How can you start? Create your free account in the AdminProject (if you don’t have one yet), invite partners and start working!

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