Why you might need AdminProject for your new Erasmus+ proposal

Deadline for Erasmus+ KA2 projects is coming fast and many people across Europe are now struggling on what to put where in the application to create a successful proposal. It’s not easy, as many form fields have changed, several new were introduced and explanations in some aspects are a bit sketchy. We think that AdminProject can help you to get a few additional points. If you choose AdminProject as the project management tool for your Erasmus+ project, it will both … Continued

To-do or not-to-do

Tasks are the most elementary element in projects. They help in organising and planning work. AdminProject’s to-do list is where all of them are collected and display what and when needs to be done. The obvious is that it displays all tasks that were assigned to you. That’s what it always does. There are though a few additional features and options for you to customise your list.