Why you might need AdminProject for your new Erasmus+ proposal

eplus-guideDeadline for Erasmus+ KA2 projects is coming fast and many people across Europe are now struggling on what to put where in the application to create a successful proposal. It’s not easy, as many form fields have changed, several new were introduced and explanations in some aspects are a bit sketchy.

We think that AdminProject can help you to get a few additional points.

If you choose AdminProject as the project management tool for your Erasmus+ project, it will both reduce costs and help you in several important aspects, like time management, tasks management, effective resource management and even reporting, especially for dissemination and multiplier events. At this time no one is sure what staff costs reporting model will look like, but judging from rumours time sheets might be back in use, which is fortunate as they are already built-in, with special cross-project workload checking feature.

In the proposal, you’ll get to section E where a detailed description of project management approach needs to be provided.

Since AdminProject is developed by people who have worked on many EU projects, we decided to share our suggestions on what you might put into the fields of section E. Obviously, this is just a short example and you’d need to customise it to fit your project idea.

How will you ensure proper budget control and time management in your project?

The Partnership is planning to use dedicated online project management system, which will greatly streamline internal communication and help to achieve timely responses and define responsibilities. This system allows for task distribution among partners, adding comments and status updates to the tasks, time tracking and reporting. The past experiences have proven that using such system makes project execution much smoother, since all the partners are always aware of their responsibilities and always have access to all relevant project documents.

AdminProject’s Finance module is going to be used to support budget control via proper use of timesheets (to monitor staff costs), travel reports (to keep track of mobilities) and subcontracting (to cover exceptional costs). Tools that will assist in time management are the calendar and Gantt chart, for monitoring all activities in both general and detailed context.

How will the quality of the project’s activities and results be monitored and evaluated? Please mention the involved staff profiles and frequency of such quality checks.

Monitoring of the project activities and results will be done using AdminProject’s tasks – where all actions can be recorded and monitored, and the evaluation module – where questionnaires are created, distributed to interested parties and where the results are collected. This will ensure a single point of control for any surveys created, both for research and for evaluation purposes.

Those examples can be easily adopted for any project and we believe that by using dedicated project management system your proposal will have better chances of being accepted. There is also a possibility to create dedicated, read-only account which can be used by the external evaluator or representative of your National Agency.

The cost of using AdminProject is very low and can be covered by your project’s budget.

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