To-do or not-to-do

Tasks are the most elementary element in projects. They help in organising and planning work. AdminProject’s to-do list is where all of them are collected and display what and when needs to be done.

The obvious is that it displays all tasks that were assigned to you. That’s what it always does. There are though a few additional features and options for you to customise your list.

First three sections depend on task deadlines. Overdue tasks, in contrast to Tasks due today and the future tasks section, display tasks that have been created by you, not only those you are responsible for. You can then chase up those who are behind schedule with tasks you have given them.



The list can be streamlined by removing tasks you are only observing.


Just click the link at the top of the list. Sometimes you would like to limit the number of tasks displayed, especially those with deadlines long time away. In Profile Notifications there is an option where you can select how far into the future should the third section go.


The last section lists tasks started by you that have been completed and are awaiting your approval.



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