Collaboration in AdminProject – Part 2

Part one of Collaboration in AdminProject highlighted the basics of a work management using tasks. In part 2, we will show how to manage larger workloads and projects, and facilitate communication with discussions.Work Packages & Intellectual OutputsWork Packages were the staple organizational unit for work in European projects for a couple of years and now they have been replaced with Intellectual Outputs. Their purpose in AdminProject is to group tasks under a common general objective, a type of tasks or … Continued

Collaboration in AdminProject – Part 1

AdminProject can be an invaluable tool for collaboration. It’s great when everything works perfectly and your team members complement each other like cogs of a well-tuned clock. We at AdminProject perfectly understand the challenges of efficient and effective collaboration. This is why we use AdminProject ourselves to organise our workflow, improve communication and document sharing.Collaboration is simply a way for a group of people to work on a shared task (or tasks) to achieve a certain goal. Having your team … Continued

AdminProject vs malware

What is a malware?Pretty much every computer user has heard about viruses at some point. Typical computer viruses are mostly gone, but they have been replaced by malicious software – or malware in short. Malware is a broad term, used to describe any software designed to disrupt normal operations, gain control or steal sensitive data from the infected computer. Malware can hide itself using various advanced techniques, and an antivirus software might recognise the threat only at a later, destructive … Continued

Manage Erasmus+ with AdminProject

The deadline for Erasmus+ proposals in Education and Training for strategic partnership in sectors: Schools, Higher Education, VET and Adult education has just expired. We hope that all your proposals made it in time and now are waiting to be reviewed. Before it happens you may start shopping around for the best project management platform for your team. Well, look no further, at least for now. If you haven’t tried the only project management system tailored to Erasmus+ requirements, now is … Continued

One-page User Guide

The new User Guide is now available. Mind that we continue working on it and it still needs some tweaking. Nevertheless, we decided to make it available and give you easier access to instructions to AdminProject. It is on one page and is Ctrl+F/Cmd+F friendly. In the beginning, the guidelines for AdminProject were scattered across various posts and we’ve found it hard to keep consistency and have them all up to date. Since they are blog posts they are supposed … Continued

New Erasmus+ forms in Proposal Builder!

We’re bringing you updated Erasmus+ forms to our free proposal builder. They are now in-line with the updated official forms available on your country’s Erasmus+ website. The European Commission took the opportunity arising with the 2015 call for new projects and introduced some corrections and changes to their Erasmus+ forms. Erasmus+ forms: Intellectual Outputs Most changes to the proposal are minor and correct the wording of several fields in the form. One visible change to the proposal builder introduces Intellectual … Continued

AdminProject is on Youtube!

This time a quick one. We have published our first AdminProject video on our Youtube channel. It is an introduction video, which briefly presents capabilities of Admin Project. [youtube]

Dissemination activities enhanced

It has been a while and it seems that it is time for another update. Last week we have rolled out another batch of improvements and fixes. One of the most noticeable is the enhancement of the dissemination activities. We have added several new fields and changed existing ones according to our users’ suggestions. The quickest way, to see what has changed, is to have a look at the image below. The changes are will not shake any project so … Continued

Streamlined file management

We have made a long way and learned from our own experience that file management is central to keeping your project neat and organised. As promised, we are bringing you an overview of another feature improved in the Files module. Our aim was to simplify and streamline the management of files within one project space. In short: you can highlight several files and folders and move, delete or download them with one click. Now the longer version and more detailed … Continued

E-mail only? No problem.

There is the kind of people who are very reluctant in adopting new solutions or who do not want to waste time on using something new because old stuff works just fine. They just want to hang on to good old e-mail messages. Sometime ago we introduced the possibility of participating in discussions and commenting under tasks without the need of opening a browser and logging into AdminProject. We thought it was useful to people who reply to e-mails on the move … Continued