Dissemination activities enhanced

It has been a while and it seems that it is time for another update. Last week we have rolled out another batch of improvements and fixes. One of the most noticeable is the enhancement of the dissemination activities. We have added several new fields and changed existing ones according to our users’ suggestions.

The quickest way, to see what has changed, is to have a look at the image below.Dissemination changes

The changes are will not shake any project so there is nothing to be afraid of. First we have changed the labels on several fields and a button so they are more in-line with the dissemination terminology. We have added a field for the web address if the activity is performed online. Our users would like to include the impact of the activity and the feedback received so that it is handy when one needs to write a quick report.

Obviously, new labels and new fields are included in the export template should you wish to generate a document that collects all dissemination data.

Thank you for your feedback as without you we would have been limited to only one point of view and that is quite a narrow perspective.


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