One-page User Guide


The new User Guide is now available. Mind that we continue working on it and it still needs some tweaking. Nevertheless, we decided to make it available and give you easier access to instructions to AdminProject. It is on one page and is Ctrl+F/Cmd+F friendly.

In the beginning, the guidelines for AdminProject were scattered across various posts and we’ve found it hard to keep consistency and have them all up to date. Since they are blog posts they are supposed to remain unchanged to show how everything looked and worked in the past.

The new User Guide is going to reflect all the changes in AdminProject and will be updated whenever there is a change in modules and processes. There, you shall find the latest instructions and guidelines and you won’t have to look for old posts on the blog.

Since the whole User Guide is on one page, you can quickly search for the chapter you want by using browser’s Search function. If your eyes are strained from long reading from a computer screen, use browser’s Print function and transfer chapters that interest you to paper.

You will find it in Help menu or here.

Let us know if we missed anything and we will add it to the User Guide.

Featured image: "Stack of hardcover encyclopedias against red background" by Horia Varlan, used under CC BY / Cropped from original
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