To-do list size change

We’ve made a little change to the default settings of the to-do list.

So far, everyone who didn’t make any changes to the to-do list size received information about assigned tasks with deadline reaching only 2 weeks into the future. For people who rely solely on their to-do list, it had come as a surprise to be reminded about a big task two weeks before it was due. It could be pretty costly if the task was to book tickets for the next meeting.

New default to-do list size: 3 months

Yes, it is the new default setting. Your to-do list will display all your tasks with deadlines within the next 3 months. You can check it in your Profile > Notifications.

to-do list size


This is only happening if you’ve never changed this particular setting and is still at default. If you have modified it, it will remain unchanged – it will have the value you’ve picked.

Now, you’ll have a longer heads-up to allocate time for the tasks with deadlines that are further away. Soon, we will be adding some new elements to your to-do lists (and we don’t mean tasks) so keep an eye out for a new update.

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