AdminProject is getting ready for Erasmus+ projects

Erasmus+ modules
Several newly developed modules for Erasmus+ projects.

Erasmus+ applications had been submitted by the end of April and some of them are already being approved for financing by your National Agencies.

Because the beginning of September is coming soon, and most of the projects are going to launch right from the first day, we want to be ready.

We are currently in the final stages of testing new modules and they will be available for you from the 1st September

If you were writing Erasmus+ projects, it’s not very difficult to guess what might be new. Obviously, we have brand new module for Intellectual Outputs, together with its activities. And smart selector, which will automatically guess what you are typing and provide hints in several fields. There is also a new approach to dissemination, now called Multiplier Events, which also contains specific actions and activities planned throughout the project lifetime. Another module will be responsible for Learning Teaching Training Activities which your project might contain although it is not obligatory.

We did not forgot about centralised project, which still use workpackages, there is a shiny new project selector, which allows you to choose what type of project you have, but it also allows detailed customization of what modules you want to see in your workspace.

There is much more to come, so stay tuned for incoming updates!

Are you ready?

We are. 

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