Gantt chart


We proudly present a new Tool for AdminProject: Gantt chart. It is a well-known method of graphic presentation of a project schedule. AdminProject takes almost everything that indicates work progress in your project and generates visual representation of your Work Packages, tasks, milestones, deliverables and events. It gives you a better overview of what is going on in your project, how long till it needs to be done, when do next activities start and where you should speed up because deadlines are due too soon.

Our Gantt chart can be found in Tools section of your project space. Here’s a sample fragment of Gantt chart:


Left sidebar represents the list of your Work Packages, milestones, deliverables, tasks and events. When first opened you will only see the names of WPs plus tasks and events that are not associated with any WPs. Work Packages with sub-elements can be expanded to reveal associated tasks, milestones and deliverables. How to figure out which is which?

  • Work Packages are the grey-blue line at the top of cells with each end represented by a triangular bracket.
  • Tasks are the blue boxes spanning their whole period of being open.
  • Milestones are represented by dark-blue diamonds
  • Deliverable are represented by small stacked boxes
  • Events are those striped blue bars

It may look a bit unclear without descriptions, but if you hover your mouse pointer over an element you’ll see its name and start/end date in a tool-tip.

What else can we do here? Double-clicking on the name on the list of all elements will scroll the view and centre on the element. The top bar has three sections representing years, months and days. Clicking on each of those elements will zoom in or out to make it fully visible and centre the view on it. For instance, when you want to see the whole year just click on it and see the image zoom out to show you all 12 months of the given year.




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