Timesheets – recording expenses on staff

Timesheets form the second section of AdminProject’s financial module. Previously we were talking about travel reports, now it is time to show you how to log the money spent on people’s work.

We have already mentioned how important reporting is for European projects and how strenuous it may be. To cope with that we have simplified the process and make it as user-friendly as possible. See how to generate your timesheets in just a couple of minutes.

It is a frequent view, a project manager or coordinator diligently filling in tables on a spreadsheet. Most often than not it is a single file stored locally, accessed by a single person which is not very flexible. Coordinator has to make sure it is consistent and that all the details are entered and reviewed on time. Everything is on their head.

With our timesheets things get easy. They are located under Finances tab. First thing you’ll see is the list of previously added employees. Since we are just beginning, it could be empty. Find and click Add a new employee on the right sidebar and it should take you to the following form:



Fill in all the necessary details. The Daily rate will be displayed in Euro when exported. After you save the employee profile, click on it and you will be taken to where timesheets are created. When you click on Add a new timesheet, a new entry will be generated for a month of your choice, and you can edit each timesheet by clicking on the appropriate row.


Finally, we’re in the place where you can fill your timesheet with activities and the time it takes to perform them. Add as many activities as you see fit, so you can get into as much detail as is required by your project. Time is given in days, in decimal form, so you have to keep that in mind when you enter part-time activities. One day represents a full-time day of work whose length depends on your country’s regulations (it can be 8 hours, 7,5 hours etc.). In the example below, assuming an 8-hour day, actions undertaken on October 3rd, took four, two and two hours respectively and amount to a full day.


When the all timesheets are ready they can be exported, printed out and attached to the project documentation. A .docx document will be generated with a heading and footer taken from the template you can upload in the project’s settings. The document is fully editable, so there should be no problem in making adjustments you deem needed.



EDIT (27 Nov 2013):

We have added a possibility of viewing overall workload across the projects. Look for Check my timesheets link on the sidebar. The summary is broken down into months and shows the total workload across all projects. You can expand each month to view the workload in each project separately.


If you find that any of our modules lack functionality, we’d be glad to hear from you either through comments, contact form or our Facebook page.

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