Dissemination – module overview

Dissemination is always one of the fundamental elements of every European project. The EU governing bodies would like individuals and organisations concerned be reached efficiently, informed about the progress and its results. Dissemination are actually informational campaigns within the project and a designated module within AdminProject will help you record when they were done, who was the recipient and what was the method used. Here is our short guide to the Dissemination module.

Link for the Dissemination module is in the top navigation bar. Clicking on the tab will take you directly to the list of all dissemination actions. The idea behind it is to log all your dissemination activities and later generate a report for your project documentation. To create a new dissemination activity find Add a new activity link on the right sidebar.


The name and date fields need no explanation. In the category field you can choose between three types of dissemination activities:

  • Events – meetings, seminars, conferences,
  • Web – website, social networks,
  • Written – leaflets, brochures and other distributed materials like pens, notepads, pendrives.

Partner field represents a partner which was responsible for the dissemination activity and can be chosen from the partners defined in the settings of the project.

In the right column make note of the location, the venue and the size of the audience reached by the activity.

Finally, you can add all files that accompanied the activity such as leaflets, brochures, photos, screenshots, etc..

The fields below are used to describe the target groups. They are not obligatory so use them as you see fit.

It is worth noting that the inner structure of the dissemination form is equivalent with the structure of the official reports required by the EU bodies.

That’s it. Simple and quick. Feel free to comment and if you have any questions you can also reach us through our contact form.

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  1. Claudio Sdogati

    I would like to receive more material and documents. Best regards Claudio sdogati

    • AP Team

      Hi Claudio. Could you please let me know what kind of materials and documents you are interested in? If you would like to learn more about the system, the best option is to register for a free, no-obligations 90-days trial. Of course you can always reach us by writing to support@adminproject.eu.

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