Evaluation – questionnaires made easy

Evaluation is yet another element of literally every EU-funded project. Those who decide to fund our project would like to know if the money is well spent, if all the processes go as planned or if the beneficiaries are happy with the results. Before AdminProject, we had to resort to third-party tools to prepare our evaluation questionnaires. Later they were to be exported and added to whatever platform we were using to collaborate. We have decided to develop a module that would offer a simple way of designing questionnaires, distributing them to interested parties, collecting results and presenting them in a digestible way. Here is our guide to evaluation module.

Setting up a survey can be done in few steps that are reflected by four sections of the evaluation module.

  1. Design your questionnaire in New Survey.
  2. Edit, modify and publish your questionnaires in Unpublished.
  3. Share your questionnaires with a target group and conclude the evaluation in Published.
  4. Monitor progress and view the final results of the survey in Results.


Go to survey section and find New Survey button. Now follow the three steps. First and second steps are purely descriptive: name of the survey, an introductory note and a closing statement (both optional). They can be used to communicate any additional information to survey’s recipients.


In step three, you can add questions needed in your survey. At the moment the following types of questions are available: yes or no questions, multiple and single choice questions, open text questions and scale questions.


When finished you will be given a choice to publish your questionnaire, continue editing or view the list of surveys.

Under Unpublished button, you will find a list of all prepared surveys that are still in development or are just waiting to be published. Those that are already available to visitors can be found in Published section. From here you can view your published evaluation surveys and obtain a link that can be distributed to interested parties. The questionnaire can be accessed by everyone with the link, especially those who do not have an account in AdminProject. In this section you can also close surveys that have been concluded.


After your evaluation is concluded you need to close your survey to prevent anyone from adding new submissions. The results of your survey can be viewed right after it is published and are updated whenever a filled questionnaire is submitted. To view them, go to Results section. The results are presented as both text and charts where applicable. They are available for surveys that are still open to submission and those concluded.


That is how AdminProject’s evaluation module works. Be sure to test it and see how easy it is to design and distribute questionnaires. We welcome all feedback from you and are looking to improve AdminProject based on your needs and experiences.

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