Who and how adds new users to the project?

The person who will buy AdminProject access, will become automatically project owner and will have full control over all the parameters, including inviting new users. Owner can designate administrators, they also can invite new users to the project.

Can I use custom branding?

You cannot remove the AdminProject logo at the moment. You can use a custom footer that can be uploaded through Settings Upload footer link on the right sidebar. It will be scaled down to fit the space provided.

Can I split the effort on a task?

It happens automatically and is split equally among the people responsible for the task. Observers do not count towards the total as they don’t have their progress slider.

I can’t see my project.

Projects may disappear in one of the following cases. (1) You have been removed from the project team; (2) Project owner has finished the project and decided to put it into the archive; (3) The subscription of the project owner has expired and their account has been suspended.

Can I delete photos from a gallery?

You have to enter the gallery in question and find Manage gallery link on the sidebar. It will open the management box. Now, by clicking on thumbnails select photos you want to remove and when you’re done hit the big red Delete selected photos button.

I accepted an invitation but can’t log in

By inviting you to a project Administrator is creating a new account. ID of the account is the same as the e-mail address of the invitation’s recipient. That is very important if you have several mailboxes or any aliases set on your account (e.g. john.smith@company.com and johnsmith@company.com may lead to the same mailbox but are considered different IDs in AdminProject).