I haven’t received an invitation.

If you are expecting an invitation to a project space but didn’t get any, look for it in your junk/spam folder on your e-mail account.

How to prepare a document template?

Create a .docx file using popular office applications like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer. Put all logos and text information in header and footer. Leave the main body of the document empty as this space will be filled with the content from AdminProject.

Do I lose my data if my account is not renewed?

No you don’t. If your account is not renewed, your projects will switch into read-only mode. You will be given 30-days for renewal and after that period your owner account will be suspended and no one will be able to access your projects. Your data will remain on our servers. You’ll retain the possibility to work with projects of other account owners.

What is your support response time?

We will respond to your support request within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. At the moment we provide support via e-mail and our social media accounts. Telephone support will be available in near future.

What types of files are supported?

Any type of file can be uploaded with the exception of the Gallery folder where the only accepted extension is .jpg. Please note however, we do not allow uploading Windows executable files due to security reasons.

Who is who in Tasks?

That depends on you. There are three roles for users in tasks. Owner – a person who has created a task. Responsible Person – someone who is performing actions described in the task and they indicate their progress with the slider. Both can link files to the task. Observer – a person who is notified about the task’s progress. Everyone from the project space can comment on the task.

How can I share my surveys?

When your survey is ready. Go to Evaluation Manage. Click Publish survey. In Active, find your survey and click show survey link. The generated link can be copied and shared in any way possible (e-mail, Facebook, etc.).