I would highly recommend AdminProject

I have been using AdminProject for two years and find it a very effective tool for all my project management needs. The platform is user-friendly with its simple layout and makes managing tasks very easy. It allows me to monitor the progress of tasks and have direct communication with other project partners in a safe and secure way. I would highly recommend AdminProject.

This platform makes a teamwork simple

People and organisations engaged in Erasmus+ programme know that teamwork is one of the key words to a successful project, whereas team means international partnership whose members might not always know each other. This platform makes a teamwork simple – it provides real-time interaction, encourages discussions, comments and agreements being Erasmus+ friendly both terms and feature-wise. Let it support and foster cooperation among your partnership and find out how handy this workspace is!

AdminProject is the best

We have been involved in many European and UK based projects over 10 years and the AdminProject is the best we have used by far , it is a really user friendly tool so a big thank you to you guys at Danmar for making our busy lives a little easier and I would recommend them to any project, company, organisation or individual. Keep up the good work guys.

Saves a lot of time

I have been using AdminProject for the coordination of several Lifelong Learning and Erasmus + projects and I find the platform very useful and simple. It helps me to keep track of the progress in the accomplishment of tasks and communicate with partners easily. Also using the system saves a lot of time for me because all the project documentation, dissemination reports and financial documents could be found there. I can really recommend the AdminProject platform to all project coordinators … Continued

Everything is in one place

The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) has been involved in a number of European Projects over the years, and managing the finances and document control has always been a problem. For the Erasmus project we are involved in at the moment we are using AdminProject as a tool to project manage and it has made the co-ordination of the project so much easier, everything is in one place and all partners can see the activity on the project.  We all … Continued

New generation project management

I am working as a project expert for 5 years and I can honestly say that Admin Project is my “right hand”. The platform makes project management really easy and pleasant activity. What I like the most about it is its multifunctionality – you can keep track of the project progress; you can be in constant contact with all your partners and you can find all the documents you need in just few clicks. Before starting to use the platform … Continued

Very user friendly interface

AdminProject is, indeed, a very useful instrument for monitoring and implementing projects and also for planning tasks and follow the progress of tasks! It has a very user friendly interface, it is easy to communicate with entire international team project.I will certain recommend it to other project managers!

A more effective workspace

AdminProject is an intuitive and highly comprehensive online work space where users can interact, discuss and process tasks for a whole range of topics and project work. Having so many features allows users to create an virtual team-room where: completing tasks, assigning roles, communicating together and uploading content, is made very easy. AdminProject helps ensure that I spend more of my day working effectively on a task rather than loosing time co-ordinating and organising the administration that accompanies it. When … Continued

Great timesaver, innovative and user-friendly tool!

Admin Project is a fantastic tool for anyone that searches for an effective and efficient management of the project. The fact that it allows you to manage, perform all the communication activities, store all the documents and even provide you with tools for project assessment or financial management, makes it a great timesaver and facilitator of the whole project management process. I recommend it to everyone that are searching for innovative and user-friendly tool!