It makes your life easier

Admin project was a great discovery, it lets you take the control of the full project. It’s meticulous with all the details that are needed to manage a project during the whole process. The communication between the partners is one of the strongest points of the application. Definitely it makes your life easier helping you to handle the important parts of the project.

I would highly recommend AdminProject

We’ve used AdminProject for the implementation of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project and our experience was excellent. Thanks to AdminProject to collect the needed documents and evidences for the reports was simple as one click. It empowered a clear and structured communication among all the partners and saved us a lot of time and misunderstanding. I would highly recommend AdminProject to any organization that is managing international projects, especially if funded by Erasmus+.

Everything is in one place

Teachsport has been involved in several European Project, only one using AdminProject.  It has made the co-ordination of the project so much easier, everything is in one place and all partners can see the activity on the project.  We know exactly where we are in the project and the “To Do” list keeps tasks fresh in your mind.  At partner meetings we can refer to the AdminProject for agendas and the next set of tasks.  The team at Danmar are … Continued

AdminProject is a great tool

I got to know AdminProject when I got on board of my first European Project. Management is very complex on average and it requires attention to many details. AdminProject is a great tool, helping you to keep in touch with all partners at a glance, sharing files, pictures, video or anything useful for a successful project management. AdminProject offers you a great way to deal with information and knowledge management, as it provides a user-friendly and easy platform to communicate … Continued

It is really efficient

AdminProject was new to me. I had to learn everything from scratch, but I gained the skills and knowledge really fast. It is really efficient and we can learn from each other. If I upload some materials to a task, I can also see what other partners have done. The to-do list that you get every morning is very helpful, as I know exactly what I have to do and by when. I am the person who keeps the deadlines, … Continued

It helps me a lot with tasks management

For me, starting to work with AdminProject was a revolution. It has changed my way of managing European projects. It helps me a lot with tasks management within my working group, my organisation and the partnership. I really like to work with AdminProject because it allows me to share tasks, set deadlines, and to be always up to date on what is going on within the project. It is also good that AdminProject has been designed with European projects in … Continued

Really easy to use

AdminProject is a great platform really easy to use. What I like best is its intuitive usability: it is simple for managing and you can find the information you need very fast. The platform really simplifies the tasks and deadlines and makes the communication between the partners very easy. We are using the platform for different EU projects and we are very happy that it is a safe place where we can keep our documentation. Moreover, the platform helps us … Continued

Useful tool to manage and to control

We think that AdminProject is a useful tool to manage and to control the implementation of the different tasks and responsibilities along a project. You can follow, step by step, all what is happening in the development of the project and analyze how they are managed by the responsible. On the other hand, it allows to create a community and helps to energize the communication between partners, what is a positive point to create a nice atmosphere between all the … Continued

Covers all the aspects

One year ago I started working on my first European project, and since I didn’t know how they work and how they are arranged, I was a little bit scared about the management and coordination of all the companies involved. But then I was introduced to AdminProject, and my point of view changed by far. It covers all the aspects of this kind of projects, and everything you need is included in this great tool.

Things can be dealt with very simply

I like AdminProject because it helps the partnership organise its work. The condition is, naturally, that everyone learns to use it properly, and then things can be dealt with very simply. The task setting structure is particularly helpful, as is to be reminded of the ‘open’ tasks via email. It is also really good to have a built-in structure where surveys can be developed for the project team members, such as at the end of each transnational project meeting. I … Continued