Can I split the effort on a task?

It happens automatically and is split equally among the people responsible for the task. Observers do not count towards the total as they don’t have their progress slider.

Can I delete photos from a gallery?

You have to enter the gallery in question and find Manage gallery link on the sidebar. It will open the management box. Now, by clicking on thumbnails select photos you want to remove and when you’re done hit the big red Delete selected photos button.

What types of files are supported?

Any type of file can be uploaded with the exception of the Gallery folder where the only accepted extension is .jpg. Please note however, we do not allow uploading Windows executable files due to security reasons.

Who is who in Tasks?

That depends on you. There are three roles for users in tasks. Owner – a person who has created a task. Responsible Person – someone who is performing actions described in the task and they indicate their progress with the slider. Both can link files to the task. Observer – a person who is notified about the task’s progress. Everyone from the project space can comment on the task.

How can I share my surveys?

When your survey is ready. Go to Evaluation Manage. Click Publish survey. In Active, find your survey and click show survey link. The generated link can be copied and shared in any way possible (e-mail, Facebook, etc.).

What is displayed in Gantt?

Gantt chart displays information about timed activities. Elements of the chart are: Work Packages (they can be expanded and collapsed) Tasks Milestones Deliverables Events