Is my information safe?

AdminProject runs on multiple machines and information is stored on multiple drives at the same time providing redundancy and high availability of data. Backups are run every 24 hours. Access to AdminProject is encrypted and verified by a certificate issued by GeoTrust Inc.

Should I get any training?

We tried making AdminProject as simple as possible so it wouldn’t require any additional training. If you need guidelines on how to use AdminProject check our User Guide. If that still leaves you with questions contact us and we’ll arrange a short training for you.

What are the requirements for AdminProject?

All you need is a device with internet access and one of the modern browsers installed. We currently support Internet Explorer 11 and recent releases of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. You can use other browsers but we can’t guarantee full and error-free functionality. Browsing is supported also from mobile devices with Android and iOS.

What is AdminProject?

AdminProject is an application designed for project management. It is available as ‘software-as-service’ with your Internet browser. You can find out more by looking at About and Features.

How to get started?

Start by creating your first project. Log into your account on and click Create a new project on the right sidebar. Then put the name for your project and you are ready to start working. Read more in our quick-start guide.