Erasmus+ 2018 forms in AdminProject proposals

The new 2018 Erasmus+ call has been announced some time ago, but it came with a bit of confusion. Rumour went out that in 2018, submission will be online only, similarly to Horizon. But, while the Erasmus+ Guide has been announced well in time, here we are, at the end of January and nothing is published yet. We all hear is it will be “soon”. Latest updates say that online forms will not be ready for this year for KA2 … Continued

Erasmus+ 2017 forms in AdminProject proposals

The new Erasmus+ call has been announced some time ago, while first PDF forms have been published on the 1st of December. Obviously, there are some changes in the proposals comparing to last year, so our team worked hard over past few days to introduce those changes. As maybe some know already, the proposals part of the AdminProject is completely free to use and anyone can start working on a new proposal. You may ask why should anyone use it? … Continued

New Erasmus+ forms in Proposal Builder!

We’re bringing you updated Erasmus+ forms to our free proposal builder. They are now in-line with the updated official forms available on your country’s Erasmus+ website. The European Commission took the opportunity arising with the 2015 call for new projects and introduced some corrections and changes to their Erasmus+ forms. Erasmus+ forms: Intellectual Outputs Most changes to the proposal are minor and correct the wording of several fields in the form. One visible change to the proposal builder introduces Intellectual … Continued

Why you might need AdminProject for your new Erasmus+ proposal

Deadline for Erasmus+ KA2 projects is coming fast and many people across Europe are now struggling on what to put where in the application to create a successful proposal. It’s not easy, as many form fields have changed, several new were introduced and explanations in some aspects are a bit sketchy. We think that AdminProject can help you to get a few additional points. If you choose AdminProject as the project management tool for your Erasmus+ project, it will both … Continued

Free Erasmus+ proposal builder tool

We are very proud to announce immediate availability of new, completely free, collaborative tool which will help to build your Erasmus+ project proposal. The main idea behind it was to avoid constant circulation of a pdf forms and endless copy & paste madness. Now you can create new proposal, invite your partners and work TOGETHER to develop a brilliant Erasmus+ proposal. No more waiting for a partner who was supposed to send you the file with their entries and no more … Continued