E-mail only? No problem.

There is the kind of people who are very reluctant in adopting new solutions or who do not want to waste time on using something new because old stuff works just fine. They just want to hang on to good old e-mail messages. Sometime ago we introduced the possibility of participating in discussions and commenting under tasks without the need of opening a browser and logging into AdminProject. We thought it was useful to people who reply to e-mails on the move … Continued

To-do list size change

We’ve made a little change to the default settings of the to-do list. So far, everyone who didn’t make any changes to the to-do list size received information about assigned tasks with deadline reaching only 2 weeks into the future. For people who rely solely on their to-do list, it had come as a surprise to be reminded about a big task two weeks before it was due. It could be pretty costly if the task was to book tickets for the next … Continued

Target your discussions!

Hot improvements storm has also reached the Discussions module. Like with the Files module we have done some work in response to your comments. In projects with heated discussions people were receiving hundreds of notification e-mails. That was basically to keep everyone informed on what is happening in the project. Many of you, however wanted to have more control over notifications originating from new discussion posts. Especially when a discussion’s subject does not require your attention or involvement. Now, when starting … Continued

New Year, New Stuff

Second week into the new year brings a few new elements to AdminProject. Most of them are subtle and difficult to notice if you are not diligently looking for pieces that changed. Last month we introduced a meeting planner where you and your project team can figure out the best time for your meetings. Now, in a meeting planner and evaluation module, you can notify interested parties and ask them to respon. Below you can see what does it look like … Continued