Mid-year 2019 – a pack of updates

We have been quiet for some time here, but it doesn’t mean nothing was happening behind the scenes! AdminProject is always being updated, in this release we introduce several important changes. We have received a lot of valuable suggestions from you and the most interesting ideas have been implemented. Without further due, let’s see what is new! Inviting multiple users at once It’s not a massive change, but should be useful especially at the time of starting a large project. … Continued

Hot new features available!

New features are just like croissants. It would be good to have them everyday, wouldn’t it? This deep thought can possibly come from non-French Europeans 🙂 Our last post is dated almost one month ago. Honestly, we’re not proud of it at all. We’ve been working days and nights to bring you cool new features to AdminProject. Now is the time to share with you some highlights of what’s been changed. We’re excited to let you know, that we addressed mostly these areas, … Continued

Winter update has come

January is almost over and we’ve finally got proper winter. Freezing temperatures, decent snowfall and a batch of updates. Winter can’t stop us from improving AdminProject and we have rolled out and several updates and new functions, and numerous minor performance fixes. The biggest change is to comments and discussions. Now you can reply to comments in tasks and to discussions using email, without opening the browser and logging into the AdminProject. Whenever you receive a notification about a new note … Continued

December update

December is usually the time of slow down and calm before Christmas and the New Year. Not for us. We have been working hard to bring you the following changes and improvements to Admin Project: UI improvements. We keep working on navigation and menus to bring you to better, streamlined and more intuitive navigation. The tab bar is now always present regardless of the page you’re viewing. IE9 compatibility. A lot of code has been reworked to provide compatibility with Internet … Continued