Timesheets – recording expenses on staff

Timesheets form the second section of AdminProject’s financial module. Previously we were talking about travel reports, now it is time to show you how to log the money spent on people’s work. We have already mentioned how important reporting is for European projects and how strenuous it may be. To cope with that we have simplified the process and make it as user-friendly as possible. See how to generate your timesheets in just a couple of minutes.

Travel Reports – unique feature overview

There is no shortage of various systems on the market, which fall below the “Project management” header. Some are very expensive, some are free, with lots and lots in the middle. The trouble is, most of them are very generic and probably none of them is actually very good when it comes to managing European projects, which happen to be pretty specific. A very specific aspect of EU Projects is reporting. There is always more than you’d think is enough and … Continued

Manage your Finance

We have just added two new functions to the financial section of your project management. Timesheets allow you to manage your personnel costs, assign them to work packages and monitor their activities.