Your project under control

I have been using AdminProject for the management of the European project BOSS4SME. Without any doubts, it is an intuitive tool and I did not need any previous training, I could use the tool without any problems. In the project, we use this tool for the tasks allocation and we monitor the level of their progress. During the project monthly teleconferences, one of the first things we do is to check directly in AdminProject the level of progress of ongoing … Continued

A real life-saver

AdminProject is a hassle free tool, a real life-saver for a project manager and for the whole project team. The European projects become much easier to manage with this multifunctional platform. It is easy to learn to work with it and it proves to be a very user-friendly tool that helps the project manager to keep track of the project’s progress and keep all partners informed and engaged in the project implementation. Assigning roles, completing tasks, communicating together and uploading … Continued

AdminProject – the project manager’s best friend!

I’m using AdminProject on two Erasmus+ projects I’m currently coordinating and it’s really helping me a lot! I especially like the way it assists you in generation of dissemination reports, in assigning the tasks and checking their status as well as the evaluation tools available. Also, there is a file management system and many other very useful features. It’s important to convince all the partners to use AdminProject properly but, once this is done, the life of both coordinator and … Continued

One solution for many project needs

“I had the chance to use AdminProject as online management tool in three EU funded project. I have to say it is so much more than a simple management tool. It is an online solution covering all the aspects that a project manager might face during the life of a cooperation initiative: from collection of documents to task assignment, from reporting to quality management and survey. AdminProject is a one solution for many project needs, a unique tool that is … Continued

It can be easily used for international programmes

In order to be honest, Ι have recently started to use the AdminProject for the implementation of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project. I had heard many good comments for this platform and now that I am using it, I could say that I am impressed. It is a useful and simple tool for organizing the work of participants and managing-collecting the documents of a project, easy and fast. It makes the communication between partners convenient. It can be easily used for … Continued

It helps you with all required day-to-day project activities

Great tool to manage projects, especially EU funded projects. With an easy to use GUI, it helps you with all required day-to-day project activities integrated. The automated mailing system helps you easily keep track with your tasks even if you are involved in several projects at the time (as in my case).

It’s a great tool

We have been using AdminProject in the European funded projects we coordinate since 2012. It’s a great tool to keep track and keep all partners informed of the project’s progress, to keep all project documents up-to-date and accessible, to efficiently report on dissemination activities and financial aspects, and overall to keep all partners engaged in the project with little effort.

The best tool I have ever work with

AdminProject is a private, secure space online where partners working on a project can organize and discuss everything they need. For me, a project manager, this is the best tool I have ever work with. All project documents can be neatly organized in separate folders: Tools, Finances, Dissemination, Evaluation, etc. It is easy to use, clear and makes projects’ coordination and communication effective. AdminProject was made by experienced project managers for project managers!

Everything is available in one place

AdminProject is a communication/navigation platform that a project coordinator can only dream about! I am involved in EU Commission and Council of Europe ( projects since 2003 and have been using various other communication platforms (for example, moodle, wiggio; etc.), but none were as user-friendly, efficient, convenient, reliable and diverse as AdminProject is. As a project coordinator communication is the essence of good project management. It is important to have a clear record of various discussion threads and make it … Continued

AdminProject makes it clear and simple!

Since I got involved in an international collaboration project when it had already started I was worried how I’d manage catching up. However, AdminProject made it so easy – all project documentation in one place and neatly arranged by categories, simple communication tools and a user friendly interface! You can also personalize many settings like receiving e-mail notifications and other. I would definitely recommend AdminProject to anyone involved in project management.