Files module just got easier!

What’s up, hard working EU-projects managers? As you remember from our latest post on hot new features, we promised to follow up with more detailed explanations on new functionalities. In this post, we’ll try to focus on Files module. As the title suggests, managing files in your project just got easier, and we’re happy to share a few bits of information with you. We’ve received a number of suggestions on how to make Files module more user-friendly. Honestly, we were … Continued

AdminProject 2.0 – What’s new?

It’s now been almost a year since we had launched our first version of AdminProject. Having received lots of feedback from many users and by using it for our company as well, we felt that something was amiss, that we can do better than this.┬áSuch conclusion led us to where we are now, to the new version of AdminProject. What’s new in AdminProject 2.0 then? Long story short – EVERYTHING.