Streamlined file management

We have made a long way and learned from our own experience that file management is central to keeping your project neat and organised. As promised, we are bringing you an overview of another feature improved in the Files module. Our aim was to simplify and streamline the management of files within one project space. In short: you can highlight several files and folders and move, delete or download them with one click. Now the longer version and more detailed … Continued

Soft-delete functionality: security & flexibility

Two days ago you had a chance to read a bit on how the Files module changed to make things easier. If you’ve missed that part, check it here. We promised to follow up with more on soft-delete functionality. If you’ve been waiting to see what is it all about, this post will clarify this feature. Ready to get started? Go! Soft-delete – what’s that? Everyone knows and occasionally uses Recycle Bin on a Windows or Mac machine. We all take it … Continued

Files module just got easier!

What’s up, hard working EU-projects managers? As you remember from our latest post on hot new features, we promised to follow up with more detailed explanations on new functionalities. In this post, we’ll try to focus on Files module. As the title suggests, managing files in your project just got easier, and we’re happy to share a few bits of information with you. We’ve received a number of suggestions on how to make Files module more user-friendly. Honestly, we were … Continued

Files – functionality and safety

There are plenty of places on-line where you can store your files. Dropbox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive – just to name a few. Why should you store your files in AdminProject? We’ll tell you why. They are safe, accessed and linked with several modules with ease. Say, you are a part of a task that requires several documents or ran a dissemination event and need to upload some photos. Our solutions make it quick and intuitive without the need to resort to … Continued