Internet Explorer can’t connect to AdminProject website in some cases

We recently had a few cases of users having problems connecting to, or working with AdminProject. Several users using Internet Explorer saw a TLS error, similar to this below:

Internet Explorer 11 TLS error

The error is quite generic and doesn’t say much, even to technical people, but it was quickly established that error is manifesting only when using Internet Explorer, running on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Users which switched to other browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, experienced no further problems. It is pretty obvious that the problem lies in using Internet Explorer.

During the investigation, we couldn’t replicate the exact problem, but several technical papers on the Internet described similar issues, most of them seems to be solved after performing reset of Internet Explorer settings. Without boring technical details, in some rare cases, there are problems with Internet Explorer preferences, which gets corrupted. Performing reset clears invalid registry entries and the problem is solved.

The procedure is easy to perform, it doesn’t require any advanced tools and is entirely safe. There is no danger of losing data or misconfiguring the Windows system.

To perform the reset procedure, please start Internet Explorer and select options (gear icon on the upper right), or hit Alt-X:


Internet Explorer settings

In the next step, switch to Advanced tab and click the Reset… button.

Internet Explorer reset window


It takes a short while (during which your PC might stop responding for a moment), it is recommended to restart your computer afterwards. The window above could be slightly different, depends on specific combination of the browser and operating system, and obviously – your language.

This procedure should clear any configuration errors. In case of further problems or questions – as always, please feel free to contact us anytime you like.

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