AdminProject 2.0 team says Hello World!

AdminProject 2.0 is in its final works. We’d like to see its release in Q4 of 2013 but we don’t know exactly when it’s going to be ready.

For those unfamiliar with AdminProject, it’s a streamlined tool designed for people who run and participate in any kind of projects. It is made by people who have been preparing and running EU-funded projects for n-teen years and have decided to make a tool that will make the management easy and straightforward.

Current verision of AdminProject has been up and running for some time now and we’ve decided it needs and upgrade and an overhaul. Based on the usage statistics, we could decide which modules need expanding and which are not used at all (and therefore deserve to be ditched).

Take your time and explore the website, together with our facebook, twitter and linkedin profiles (look for the links in the footer), and keep an eye out for a release date and some updates.

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