Copy your surveys easily!

Surveys are used in most EU projects

There are some of surveys that we all use on a regular basis – for example project meeting evaluation. Having to create the survey from scratch every time is not the most effective. Even if your survey is as simple as a few questions, creating the same set of questions over and over again is not the best way out. We all have better things to do, don’t we.

If you’re tired of creating new surveys similar to those created before, we’re on the same side. We also got tired and that’s why we have developed a nice feature that will help you!


Copy your surveys!


From now on you are able to copy any survey from every project that you are involved in. To do this, simply go to the Evaluation module of the project you’d like to copy the survey into, and use Copy survey button:

copy surveys screen


Now, the whole process is as easy as ABC and involves only three steps:

1. Choose survey that you want to copy – AdminProject will give you a list of all surveys from all your projects:


2. Choose new name for your new survey. This step is optional – by default survey will have the same name as the old one:


3. Click Copy button:



And that’s it! Your new survey is now available under Unpublished surveys button. You can still edit it if needed, or simply publish it if no changes are needed.

Please keep in mind that all content of the survey is being copied, including Introduction to the survey and Closing statement. It’s usually a good practice to review your survey before publishing it.

Hopefully this function will save you some time and let you run your projects easily. Stay tuned for the next updates!

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