Soft-delete functionality: security & flexibility

Two days ago you had a chance to read a bit on how the Files module changed to make things easier. If you’ve missed that part, check it here. We promised to follow up with more on soft-delete functionality. If you’ve been waiting to see what is it all about, this post will clarify this feature. Ready to get started? Go! Soft-delete – what’s that? Everyone knows and occasionally uses Recycle Bin on a Windows or Mac machine. We all take it … Continued

The POODLE vulnerability and AdminProject

It was published on Twitter and Google+ already few days back, that we changed some background mechanisms which are responsible for encrypting everything that goes in or out with AdminProject. The problem was discovered by Google team and published on October 14th on the Security Blog.  Basically here’s what the trouble is: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security mechanism used for years by many pages. Every SSL-enabled page establishes an encrypted tunnel between your browser and the server, so even … Continued