How can I access free Erasmus+ proposal builder?

There are two ways of doing that. One, you can create a free account via this webpage. Two, someone can invite you to participate in their proposal and your account will be created after you click the activation link in the invitation e-mail.

Can I use custom branding?

You cannot remove the AdminProject logo at the moment. You can use a custom footer that can be uploaded through Settings  Upload footer link on the right sidebar. It will be scaled down to fit the space provided.

I can’t see my project.

Projects may disappear in one of the following cases. (1) You have been removed from the project team; (2) Project owner has finished the project and decided to put it into the archive; (3) The subscription of the project owner has expired and their account has been suspended.

How to prepare a document template?

Create a .docx file using popular office applications like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer. Put all logos and text information in header and footer. Leave the main body of the document empty as this space will be filled with the content from AdminProject.

What languages are available?

At the moment AdminProject is only in English. We are looking forward to adding more languages in the future.

What is your support response time?

We will respond to your support request within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. At the moment we provide support via e-mail and our social media accounts. Telephone support will be available in near future.

Is my information safe?

AdminProject runs on multiple machines and information is stored on multiple drives at the same time providing redundancy and high availability of data. Backups are run every 24 hours. Access to AdminProject is encrypted and verified by a certificate issued by GeoTrust Inc.

Should I get any training?

We tried making AdminProject as simple as possible so it wouldn’t require any additional training. If you need guidelines on how to use AdminProject check our User Guide. If that still leaves you with questions contact us and we’ll arrange a short training for you.

How can I obtain AdminProject?

You can gain access to AdminProject by signing up for the service. It is unavailable as software to buy and install.Sign up